Catalonia independence protests

Catalonia: New European Independent State?

Independence of Scotland from The United Kingdom was one of the hottest issues and news til September 18th 2014. The whole world was waiting to witness a new country in Europe but over 55% of the voters rejected independence from The United Kingdom. But still we may see a new country in Europe on 9th…
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Lebanon Flag

Lebanon – Switzerland of the Middle East

Country name: Lebanon Official Name: Lebanese Republic Nickname: Switzerland of the Middle East Continent: Asia Independence Day: 22nd November, 1943 Current President: Tammam Salam (Acting) Current Prime Minister: Tammam Salam Area: 10,452 square kilometers Capital: Beirut Share border with: Israel and Syria. Other major cities: Tripoli, Sidon and Zahle Population: 4,125,247 (Estimated in July 2010,…
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Drinking snake venom won

You won’t Die if you inhale Snake’s Venom

You can inhale or drink snake's venom and you won't die. In fact, it will not harm you in any aspects. You guys must be thinking that the writer of this post has lost his senses. But no, its true. Let me explain, how? First of all, let me differentiate between Poison and Venom. Poison…
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why should you donate blood

Why Should you Donate Blood?

By donating 1 pint blood (10-12% of whole blood in the body) every three months, you can save 5 lives. That means you can save 20 lives per year or at least you can help them to survive for some more time. And what you lose? Nothing. Blood Restoration after Donation: The plasma is replaced…
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Snake Island

Snake Island, The Home of Snakes

Just imagine that you are stuck on an island where you are surrounded with thousands of venomous snakes and you also find that you are the only human on this island. You may think that the author is joking. But no, this isn't a joke. A Brazilian island Ilha da Queimada Grande or commonly known as…
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absolute world also known as the marilyn monroe towers

Absolute World – The Marilyn Monroe Towers

Name of the building: Absolute World Nickname: The Marilyn Monroe Towers Location: Ontario Country: Canada Designed by:  Burka Architects MAD Studio Completed in: Three of the five towers were completed in 2012, while rest are being built. Height: Height of the tallest tower i.e., Absolute World I is 175.6 meters. Floors: 62 (56 above ground…
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Ebola Virus Disease

Ebola Virus Disease: Facts, Figures & Myths

Ebola Virus Disease is one of the most deadliest diseases nowadays and has claimed more than 3,000 lives while thousands of others have been diagnosed with Ebola Virus Disease since December 2013. It is spreading rapidly in several countries of Africa while first ever case of the current Ebola outbreak has also been recorded in…
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The great Banyan Tree in India

The Great Banyan Tree – Widest Tree in the World

As we have promised with our visitors and fans that we'll try to explore incredible colors of nature as well as some amazing facts about everything around the world. So, in this post we are going to talk about an extremely mind-blowing tree that is about 250 year old. Introduction to The Great Banyan Tree:…
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Zimbabwe Currency Note

20 Interesting and Beautiful Currency Notes

A small history of Banknotes: Banknote or Paper Money was introduced in China in 11th century to get rid of coins in heavy and bulky transactions. Before introduction of coins and paper money, there were many other goods that were used as a medium of exchange. Salt, gold and silver coins were some of the…
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Republic of Kazakhstan Flag

Republic of Kazakhstan, the Largest Landlocked Country

Country name: Kazakhstan Official Name: Republic of Kazakhstan Continent: Asia Independence Day: 25th December, 1991 Area: 2,724,900 square kilometers Capital: Astana Share border with: Kazakhstan is a landlocked country bordering with China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Other major cities: Almaty, Karagandy and Shymkent Population: 17,736,896 (Estimated in July 2013) Currency: Tenge Official Language: Kazakh and Russian Other…
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