Phil Hughes Australian Cricketer Dies

Australian Cricketer Phil Hughes Dies at 25

A shocking and sad news saddened the Cricket World today on 27th November 2014 when young and talented Australian cricketer Phil Hughes died at the age of 25. He was struck by a bouncer (An aggressive delivery that bounces hard and high) on left side of his neck. He remained in Coma for 2 days…
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Malaysia – The Home of Rainforests

Country name: Malaysia Official Name: Malaysia Flag's Name: Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory) Continent: Asia Independence Day: 31st August, 1957 King: Abdul Halim Current Prime Minister: Mohammad Najib Abdul Razak Area: 329,847 square kilometers Capital: Kuala Lumpur Share border with: Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand. Also bordered with Vietnam and Philippines through the sea. Connected with…
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ICC Cricket World Cup Winners

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is going to start on 13th February 2015. Australia and New Zealand are hosting this world cup. This is the second time they are hosting ICC Cricket World Cup after 1992. The first World Cup was played in 1975 in England where West Indies defeated Australia by 17 runs to…
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Berlin Wall – The Strip of Death

The Berlin Wall was a physical barrier between East Berlin and West Berlin that was built by German Democratic Republic to protect Eastern side of Germany from Western Fascist. Its construction was started in 1961 and it took several years to complete. It was a concrete wall supported by guard towers. The Berlin Wall was…
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Sapphire Tower – The Sapphire of Istanbul

Name of the building: Sapphire Tower Nickname: Sapphire of Istanbul Location: Istanbul Country: Turkey Designed by: Tabanlioglu Architects (An Istanbul based architectural firm) Completed in: 2010 Opened on: 4th March, 2011 Height: 261 meters (238 meters without antenna) Floors: 64 (54 above ground + 10 below ground) Total area covered: 157,800 square meters Major materials used:…
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5 amazing and weird wars in History

Since the creation of this world, thousands of wars had been fought and billions of the innocent lives claimed during these wars. After effects of the wars are always terrible. Destroyed buildings, people with disabilities, depressed economic growth, broken families and much more. In the History, some amazing and weird wars also recorded when the…
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Who invented What and When?

This post is dedicated to some greatest inventors of the world. Their inventions changed our lives surprisingly. Let us have a look over the list below. Inventions & Inventors: Pocket watch was invented by a German Locksmith and Clock Maker Peter Henlein in 1510. Mercury Thermometer was invented by a famous German Physicist Daniel Gabriel…
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